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Doc Sábbá Announcement - Oxford Exhibition

Doc Sábbá Announcement - Oxford Exhibition
By Doc Sábbá  • Issue #5 • View online
An exhibition of photographs by Rohingya refugees is taking place in Oxford this month. Called “The Next Generation - Young Rohingya Refugees”, the exhibition consists of 17 photographs depicting various aspects of life in the refugee camps of southern Bangladesh. The exhibition is curated by Shafiur Rahman.
The sponsors of the exhibition are Oxford Brookes University and Oxford Human Rights Festival. The exhibition is being held at the Common Ground Workspace, 37-38 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford OX1 2HF. The exhibition ends on 30 September.

I love Van Gogh by Salim Ullah Armany
I love Van Gogh by Salim Ullah Armany
Reviewing the exhibition Professor Dina M. Siddiqi (Faculty of Liberal Studies, New York University) writes:
*This powerful exhibition offers an unvarnished view of life in the many Rohingya camps that dot Bangladesh’s border with Myanmar. Mostly black and white, the photographs convey – without pathologizing – the precarity and sheer material fragility of every day camp life. For the so-called lost generation, as for adults, survival means learning to navigate flash floods, devastating fires, and crumbling infrastructure, along with the soul-crushing demands of hard physical labor in place of any kind of education. Surveillance, policing, and the deprivations of a fearful ‘host’ state hang heavy over all Rohingya lives, young and old. These images do not tell a story of despair, however. The exhibition’s greatest strength lies in its auto-ethnographic sensibility.  
The Rohingya photographers gathered here offer a revisioning of sorts, a counternarrative to existing tropes of their community as ‘uber’ victims. Instead, we get glimpses of what it means to ‘live with’ such infrastructures of statelessness, to see what we might otherwise miss. We are invited into the lives of young men and women who take pleasure in international sports victories, who offer solidarity to Myanmar activists across the border, who aspire to transmit remembered practices to a new generation. Together, these photographs (and captions) force us to think in new ways about an international system that allows for shelter but prohibits employment or education, effectively offering incarceration as salvation. What does it mean to be human, to belong, when all possible futures are foreclosed? More than anything, though, the exhibition is a claim to belonging – a reminder to a forgetful world that Rohingya are still here.
Exhibition Poster
Exhibition Poster
The Next Generation (at Oxford).pdf - Google Drive
Annual Flooding by Haider Ali
Annual Flooding by Haider Ali
On 17 September, Shafiur Rahman, will give a talk about Rohingya refugees and explain the context of their photography. Registration is requested to attend this meeting. Please register below.
We live in small houses by Zahangir Alam
We live in small houses by Zahangir Alam
Messages of support received by the Exhibition include:
“The work in ‘The Next Generation’ is of exceptional quality. As a document of life in the refugee camps of Bangladesh it is heartbreaking yet these accomplished photographs are life affirming, too. It is rare to see such a natural and unaffected photographic document of human struggle. All the rarer still because the images are so beautiful.”
Alex Schneideman
Photographer and Owner, Flow Photographic Gallery, London, UK. 
“Congrats to Oxford Human Rights Festival for exhibiting the work of young Rohingya refugee photographers. Thank you for allowing them to show their skills and speak their minds.”
Greta Van Susteren,
Lawyer, television news anchor & award winning journalist
“To tell one’s own story, to have a voice, to be heard, should never be things one has to strive for, but for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, that too is an aspiration. Their photographs show their struggles and their reality. They also show hope. But above all they show their humanity. Hopefully they will reawaken ours.”
Shahidul Alam
Photographer & Writer, Time Magazine Person of the Year 2018, CPJ International Press Freedom Award Winner.
The Next Generation’ is a unique exhibition of photos, focusing on the daily lives of the one million Rohingya refugees who have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh. Taken by refugees themselves, the photos provide a moving insight into the courageous and creative ways that the refugees are coping with life in exile.“
Jeff Crisp
Former Head of UNHCR Policy Development and Evaluation; Research Associate, Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford & Chatham House, London
“These photographs by and about the Rohingya community in Bangladesh are a powerful reminder to everyone of how important it is not only to give refuge but to go beyond, to recognize and respect the rights of refugees.”
Sara Hossain, Barrister, Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Honorary Executive Director of Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust. 
“First of all I want to congratulate the organisers of the exhibition. We have till now been flooded with images captured by photographers from outside the fence. This exhibition is unique in that it portrays images from the inside, and is a collage of happy joyful moments and occasions, as well as those of dire circumstances. I hope that it will also be one of many stepping stones towards justice for the Rohingyas. Great initiative!”
Shireen P Huq, Coordinator, Standing with Rohingya Women, Naripokkho & Co-convenor, Bangladesh Civil Society Platform on Justice and Accountability for the Rohingyas.
“Rohingya refugees deserve to be given the opportunity to organise and speak for themselves and among other things pursue literary and artistic talents, interests and freedoms.”
Joint statement by Professor C R Abrar, Educationist and Human Rights Activist; Jyotirmoy Barua, Barrister,  Supreme Court of Bangladesh.
Jeff Crisp
On now in Oxford!
Rohingya refugees photographed by Rohingya refugees:
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